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Women In Leadership

Women In Leadership NYS Women IncThe Buffalo Niagara Chapter of NYS Women, Inc. (BNC) is proud to partner with WKBW-TV to showcase successful local women who have given back to the Western New York community. “Women In Leadership” honorees are established women business owners or professional/working women who have exhibited leadership, enterprise, and excellence in their business or profession and give back to the Western New York or greater community. The goal of the program is to recognize women who have succeeded both in the business and charitable arenas and help inspire others to follow in their path.

Each month throughout the year a woman business owner or working woman will be featured on AM Buffalo. Each June, BNC and WKBW-TV will recognize all our honorees at an annual event.


Established woman business owner or working/professional woman who:

  • Exhibits leadership, enterprise, and excellence in their business;
  • Gives back to Western New York or greater community with volunteer service 

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September 2017 Honoree

Diana CihakDiana Cihak
WEPac (WomenElect)

Founder and State Board President


Diana Cihak is the owner of Upper Edge Consulting, a grant writing firm, but her passion is WomenElect (WEPac), a volunteer based organization she founded to make a positive change in our community.

Founded in 2009 by Cihak and Virginia Davies, WEPac is a political action committee that runs the WomenElect program, a four month leadership development program that prepares women to run for political office. The United States currently have approximately 20% representation by women in our various political offices, while women are 52% of the population. Women win at the same rates as men, but women do not say “yes” to running for office. In order to get to gender parity WEPac encourages more women to step up and run. The WomenElect program helps those women who are involved in their community be able to take the next step and enter the political arena.

They encourage participants to take the class 2-10 years before they decide on an office to run for, giving them the time to build their networks of support and gain political experience in that time. Because of that timeline it has taken a long time to show that the program is successful. Their first candidate ran for office in 2016 and their first win was in 2017. Since then they’ve had five candidates run, with three wins, proving that the program works – it just takes time.

She says it’s been very humbling to see the support in other communities to bring the program to the entire state. Four months is a long time to work with these women and prepare them, and they ask each facilitator to offer two classes a year! But Diana has had women in communities throughout New York dedicate their time and considerable talent to help other women enter the political arena through the WomenElect program. She is proud, humbled and deeply encouraged that WomenElect will be able to make a difference in our political system.

Diana is board president of the Advisory Council, Women’s Business Center at Canisius College; commission member of the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women; and member of the Women’s Action Coalition (Women’s History Month planning committee).